The West Side Grown Project

The West Side Grown (WSG) project is a collaboration of several local farmers in the Kanawha Valley, several community stakeholders, and Keep Your Faith Corporation Inc. in order to bring fresh, healthy, and locally harvested food to students and families in order to reduce food insecurity while promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth.

The “West Side Grown” (WSG) program, relies on a token system to promote entrepreneurship and a sense of economy within the community while improving access to fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nutritional and agricultural literacy through indoor/outdoor education activities, workshops, and farmer’s markets. The Horticultural Therapy Program (HTP) focuses primarily on improving social-emotional regulation and social skills for improved learning and development. KYFC’s approach to therapeutic gardening through the Horticultural Therapy Program has proven benefits in addressing anxiety, depression, stress reduction, emotional management, behavior management, social skills, healthy lifestyle choices, cognitive development, self-esteem, and empowerment.

Community support, committed volunteers, and dedicated partners are the cornerstone of Keep Your Faith’s growth and diligence. If you would like to get involved please Get in Touch by clicking the link below. We look forward to working with you.