Health and Resources

KYFC is working to improve social determinants of community and individual health through increased access to necessary health and economic resources.

Counseling and Mental Health

Our Licensed Professional Counselor provides clinical oversight to program design and works with other local health leaders to reduce disparities in mental health. Consultation and counseling services are available. If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to be connected to counseling or mental health services, Click here . Be well and we look forward to meeting you!

Resource and Referral

In working with community members and partners, KYFC recognizes the relevance in the function of supporting the community in times of concrete need and management of appropriate local resources. If you are in need of linkages ranging from housing assistance or educational needs to recovery or mentor-ship or would like to volunteer your services, please CLICK HERE and leave us a message.

Workforce Development Program

KYFC has launched a workforce development program modeled after the 33-6-3 workforce framework coined by Coalfield Development. In this workforce development model, the 40 hours work week is divided between personal and professional development hours while work-crews support a variety of projects that create assets for local residents, communities and businesses. By offering positions in the industries of real estate development, sustainable construction, wood working, agriculture, and voltage high/low fiber optic wiring, we are working to promote a diversified economy in counties where there are barriers to economic growth and opportunity. Click here and leave us a message If you’d like to enroll or get involved!

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