West Side Wraps

(West Side WRAPS program) The WRAPS program is a collaborative project with Coalfield Development. This program offers soft skills, job readiness, interview skills, including financial literacy and Osha 10 certification. WRAPS members will learn the importance of attendance, being to work on time and the proper way to navigate a professional environment. WRAPS members are paid employees with the expectation of commitment to the contracted personal and professional development plan and compliance with job duties. KYFC WRAPS is modeled after coalfields 33-6-3 hourly structure with a 33 hour focus on job related performance and 9 hours toward personal and professional development goals.

Workforce Development Program

KYFC has launched a workforce development program modeled after the 33-6-3 workforce framework coined by Coalfield Development. In this workforce development model, the 40 hours of work week is divided between personal and professional development hours while work crews support a variety of projects that create assets for local residents, communities, and businesses. By offering positions in the industries of real estate development, sustainable construction, woodworking, agriculture, and voltage high/low fiber optic wiring, we are working to promote a diversified economy in counties where there are barriers to economic growth and opportunity. Click here and leave us a message If you’d like to enroll or get involved!